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Stories CDs

Stories CDs For Children

Fantasy Phonics
Ref: 9781847334909 - FPCD01
Price: £5

An enchanting way to learn the sounds of the alphabet. A story, rhymes and song collection.
Fantasy Phonics is built around the imaginary and magical world of Fantasyland - a place that taps into children's favourite childhood fantasies.
Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a character or object that appeals to children; for when a child's imagination is captured and they are enjoying themselves, then they will learn.
Included with this delightful CD is a booklet containing notes and illustrations about Fantasyland and its characters.
Fantasy Phonics is written in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Click here for a sample of the letter sounds.
Click here for a sample of the spoken and sung rhymes

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First Stories CD
Ref: 9781847331120 - FIRCD008
Price: £5

Listening to stories helps to develop language and communication skills and aids development of creativity and imagination. Regular playing of this CD helps develop listening and concentration skills which are vital for educational and social development.
Good sharing activity for children and adults.Clear, simple and gentle story reads make six wonderful stories ideal for babies and young children.

Each story is followed by a gentle piece of classical music recorded in a music box style to help with settling little ones down to rest or sleep.

Also available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play and Deezer, using the links below. Click on the YouTube link for a readalong video of the story Five Little Ducklings. 

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Listen Along Stories In The Car - Favourite Stories CD
Ref: 9781847330697 - CARCD06
Price: £5

Listen along to 70 minutes of favourite stories for children, to make journeys fun.
Tracks include The Hare And The Tortoise, Beauty And The Beast, The Gingerbread Man and The Little Mermaid.

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