ABC Alphabet Fun (Digital Album)

Ref: 9781847331410 - STNCD07
An hour of alphabet fun, with 28 tracks including Doug The Digger, Freddie The Frog, Tiny Tiger and Trixie The Pixie.

The lyrics for this album (excluding those subject to copyright restrictions) are available here.

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Track Listing

  1. Alphabet Fun
  2. A: Adam The Acrobat
  3. B: Barney The Bear
  4. C: Camilla The Caterpillar
  5. D: Doug The Digger
  6. E: Eleanor The Envelope
  7. F: Freddie The Frog
  8. G: Garden Gate
  9. H: Hungry Horse
  10. I: Itsy Bitsy Insect
  11. J: Jennifer The Jellyfish
  12. K: Katie And Kara Kitten
  13. L: Lucy Lunchbox
  14. M: Mr Melody
  1. N: Nicky The Newspaper
  2. O: Ollie The Octopus
  3. P: Penelope Penguin
  4. Q: Quibble And Squabble
  5. R: Robbie The Robot
  6. S: Sparkling Stars
  7. T: Tiny Tiger
  8. U: Uncle Humphrey
  9. V: Vicky The Vet
  10. W: Whizzy Wizard
  11. X: Trixie The Pixie
  12. Y: Professor Yogurt
  13. Z: Zippy Zip
  14. Alphabet Fun