Times Tables Beat The Clock Double CD Audio Game

Ref: 9781847335418 - PTAGCD23
Learn the 2 to 10 Times Tables - Play the Game.

With CD1 your child can listen to the table, then sing along with the song. Each table is clearly spoken and followed by the table song.Each song features sections without answers so your child can have fun whilst learning the tables.
After all of the tables comes the Times Tables Test, so that your child can practice before taking on the "Beat The Clock" challenge on CD2.

The "Beat The Clock" challenge comprises 90 Times Tables questions, which can be played in order, or randomly if your CD player has the random play facility. After each question the clock ticks, and the challenge is to answer the question before the alarm or cuckoo sounds.

The CD booklet includes the written tables, and a multiplication square.

A sample of this album is available here

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Track Listing

CD1 Tables and Songs

  1. Two Times Table Spoken
  2. Two Times Tables Song
  3. Three Times Tables Spoken
  4. Three Times Tables Song
  5. Four Times Tables Spoken
  6. Four Times Tables Song
  7. Five Times Tables Spoken
  8. Five Times Tables Song
  9. Six Times Tables Spoken
  10. Six Times Tables Song
  11. Seven Times Tables Spoken
  12. Seven Times Tables Song
  13. Eight Times Tables Spoken
  14. Eight Times Tables Song
  1. Nine Times Tables Spoken
  2. Nine Times Tables Song
  3. Ten Times Tables Spoken
  4. Ten Times Tables Song
  5. Introduction to Test Section
  6. Two Times Tables Test
  7. Three Times Tables Test
  8. Four Times Tables Test
  9. Five Times Tables Test
  10. Ten Times Tables Test
  11. Six Times Tables Test
  12. Seven Times Tables Test
  13. Eight Times Tables Test
  14. Nine Times Tables Test

CD2   Beat The Clock Challenge

  1. 1 to 50 Mixed questions for the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 Times Tables (with the Cuckoo Clock)
  2. 51 to 90 Mixed questions for the 6, 7, 8 and 9 Times Tables (with the Alarm Clock)

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