Music Helps The Early Development Of Your Children
Playing and listening to music together can help to develop a child’s learning potential, and this should start from birth.
Babies are known to be born with a natural ability to appreciate music. Therefore early exposure to it contributes to preparing a baby’s brain for learning.
Singing songs with young children helps them to learn how language is put together. The nature of singing ensures that words and phrases are sung slowly, making it easier for the child to understand. Encouraging the child to sing along with you, on a regular basis, has the benefit of increasing the child’s knowledge of words and sounds, even before they understand their meaning.
Singing along with your toddler helps to increase their vocabulary by introducing them to new words used in the songs, which can, in turn, help them to become better readers.
The verses in nursery rhymes and children’s songs normally rhyme, which serves as an early introduction for them to learning letters and sounds.