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Learning The Times Tables
Parents are always looking for different ways to help their children to learn their Times Tables from 1x to 12x. On YouTube we have two playlists of easy to understand videos that will  take your children through each table one by one. The first playlist, which introduces each table, can be found here, and the second which helps the child, and the parent, see how well the child understands each table can be found here
Digital only
So that we are able to concentrate on the development of a wide range of albums, we have discontinued the supply of CDs, and all our content will now be available to download or stream from your favourite platforms. As ever, any suggestions would be appreciated.
Halloween is coming, so take a look at our range of digital albums to download or stream. All come with links to the major platforms. Click here for more details. 
Benefits Of Singing With Your Child
As you sing together, encourage your baby to clap along and move to the music while you sing together.

It helps to choose songs and rhymes that have simple arrangements, with repetitive lyrics. As your baby gets older, you can try less simple and repetitive songs, with more varied tunes.
If you want to try a new activity with your young child, you can ensure that they are relaxed and receptive by first listening to some music with them. This is also a great aid to bonding together.
Keep your baby involved by watching them closely and copy what they are doing. Clap when they do, bounce when they do. This will help to increase their confidence, as well as encourage them to keep involved.
Music Helps The Early Development Of Your Children
Playing and listening to music together can help to develop a child’s learning potential, and this should start from birth.
Babies are known to be born with a natural ability to appreciate music. Therefore early exposure to it contributes to preparing a baby’s brain for learning.
Singing songs with young children helps them to learn how language is put together. The nature of singing ensures that words and phrases are sung slowly, making it easier for the child to understand. Encouraging the child to sing along with you, on a regular basis, has the benefit of increasing the child’s knowledge of words and sounds, even before they understand their meaning.
Singing along with your toddler helps to increase their vocabulary by introducing them to new words used in the songs, which can, in turn, help them to become better readers.
The verses in nursery rhymes and children’s songs normally rhyme, which serves as an early introduction for them to learning letters and sounds.